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The Upcoming New Alfa Romeo GTV

There has been a lot of talk regarding the Alfa Romeo under the Stellantis. They have supposedly 10 years to prove their worth, as the main people said. But, it...

Alfa Romeo Tonale First Spy Photos

Alfa Romeo Tonale has been the subject of several news articles in the last few months. The main one is regarding the delay which postponed the reveal to the February...

Alfa Romeo 4C Versus Mini JCW Roadster

Alfa Romeo 4C is a special car. Although under-powered according to some, it has and incredible power to weight ratio. In this video today, we’re going to see how does...

DIY Oil Change on Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Engines

In the video below you can see step by step instructions regarding the oil change on all Alfa Romeo Twin Spark engines found in models such as 147, 156, GT, GTV, and even 166. When it comes to job itself, it is fairly simple and if you have any car knowledge, you can do it yourself easily.

Alfa Romeo Junior Z – Book by Patrick Dasse

We’ve got our hands on another piece of Alfa Romeo Literature from DINGWORT VERLAG. This time the car in question is Junior Z. We’ll start from the print quality which we can describe by only one word – exceptional. Book itself, as well as the prints, are incredible, and they tell us the story of the model from prototype to production version.