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The Geneva Motor Show is behind us, and we finally got the chance to lay our eyes upon new Alfa Romeo Giulia.  The Italians see Giulia as replacement for 159 in their catalogs. Challenging BMW 3 series and Mercedes C class is not easy but engineers at Alfa seem confident that they can do it.

Despite all the skepticism Alfa Romeo seems to be following their plan of producing 8 models in the next few years which are going to get everything latest they got to offer in technology and design. Most anticipated model the

Few days ago we got the news that Alfa is going to compete with the BMW M3 with the Giulia claiming that they will achieve the equal or better performance with no problems. Now they went even further as they envisioned their new model the 6C which will go head to head with the Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-type.

As everyone knows Alfa had some issues in the past under the management of Fiat and they got down to only two models before introducing the 4C. Numerous experiments with Alfa were responsible for bad results, but main people of

More powerful Alfa 4C

Even though the latest masterpiece of Alfa Romeo has impressive power to weight ration, one of the main people from Alfa said that they are going to improve its performance. In his interview with Automotive News, Harald Wester said: We

After many rough years that Alfa Romeo had to go through, a decent production plan has finally been introduced. According to people in charge, Alfa Romeo is going to get seven billion dollars to develop 8 new models which are going to be designed and made in Italy.

In the beginning of next month we’re expecting to see another Fiat’s production plan for Alfa Romeo, in which this Italian brand is supposed to follow the steps of other famous Italian brands like Ferrari and Maserati and become an

Alfa Romeo is not living up to its reputation for a while now, but Fiat decided to bring back the old glory to this famous Italian brand. We already talked about it in previous articles, but just to remind you,

Latest Alfa Romeo masterpiece 4C has been chosen to be a safety car for WTCC. Just to remind you, Alfa 4C has been chosen as most beautiful car in 2013, and even though it might not pack huge number of

Alfa Romeo 4C spider

Long awaited spider version of beautiful 4C has been presented on Geneva Motor Show. Even though it is still the concept version, it is supposed to go hit the market in the beginning of 2015. The real question is how