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The Upcoming New Alfa Romeo GTV

There has been a lot of talk regarding the Alfa Romeo under the Stellantis. They have supposedly 10 years to prove their worth, as the main people said. But, it...

Alfa Romeo Tonale First Spy Photos

Alfa Romeo Tonale has been the subject of several news articles in the last few months. The main one is regarding the delay which postponed the reveal to the February...

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon Envisioned

Alfa Romeo Giulia’s sale numbers have not been impressive, to say the least. While there are many speculations, there is no definitive evidence behind this problem. Giulia is an amazing...

Alfa Romeo Giulia Convertible Envisioned

Even though an idea regarding Giulia’s convertible version is far-fetched at the moment, primarily because of the FCA/PSA merger, it is still something many car enthusiasts desire. Although chances are slim, there is still a possibility that we might see the spider version of Giulia for the 2021 update.

Sad Day for Alfa Romeo

FCA has seemingly been down-spiraling behind closed doors since the passing of Sergio Marchionne. The conglomerate merger that occurred yesterday already brought investment cuts for this glorious Alfa Romeo.