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Alfa Romeo 4C is a special car. Although under-powered according to some, it has and incredible power to weight ratio. In this video today, we’re going to see how does it compare to Mini JCW Roadster when it comes to acceleration and speed. On the paper, Mini has an advantage since it has 30 more horsepower, but let’s see how does it translate in a real world scenario.

We’re almost done with our Alfa 147 project, and it is time to look for a new one. As our page, group, and YT channel grew bigger, we want to hear your opinion as well and make you a part of our next project. The main contenders, and the cars we find most interesting at the moment, are Alfa Romeo Brera, and GT, but we’ve given you more options to give your vote for.

In the video below you can see step by step instructions regarding the oil change on all Alfa Romeo Twin Spark engines found in models such as 147, 156, GT, GTV, and even 166. When it comes to job itself, it is fairly simple and if you have any car knowledge, you can do it yourself easily.

In this video We’re going to show you how to test 5 wire mass air flow sensor. As mentioned in the video, you can use the same process to test 6 wire MAF sensor as well. The same procedure can be applied to any car manufacturer or model.

In the video below you can see all lubricant specifications regarding one of the best looking Alfa Romeo cars – the 159. Engine in question is 2.4 liter 20V diesel and you can check out specs for engine oil, manual transmission oil, brake fluid, etc.