More powerful Alfa 4C

394shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInEven though the latest masterpiece of Alfa Romeo has impressive power to weight ration, one of the main people from Alfa said that they are going to improve its performance. In his interview with Automotive

After many rough years that Alfa Romeo had to go through, a decent production plan has finally been introduced. According to people in charge, Alfa Romeo is going to get seven billion dollars to develop 8 new models which are going to be designed and made in Italy.

229shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInIn the beginning of next month we’re expecting to see another Fiat’s production plan for Alfa Romeo, in which this Italian brand is supposed to follow the steps of other famous Italian brands like Ferrari

193shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInAlfa Romeo is not living up to its reputation for a while now, but Fiat decided to bring back the old glory to this famous Italian brand. We already talked about it in previous articles,

149shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInLatest Alfa Romeo masterpiece 4C has been chosen to be a safety car for WTCC. Just to remind you, Alfa 4C has been chosen as most beautiful car in 2013, and even though it might

Alfa Romeo 4C spider

251shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInLong awaited spider version of beautiful 4C has been presented on Geneva Motor Show. Even though it is still the concept version, it is supposed to go hit the market in the beginning of 2015.

37shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInBefore this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo is finishing last minute preparations as they’re supposed to present us new models in this year and couple years to come. Until then, Mito and Giulietta got

Alfa Romeo 4C US specs

88shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInNew 4C is supposed to hit US market in June this year, but it’s not all great news. All Alfa Romeo fans in United States prepare to be somewhat disappointed. Newest Alfa masterpiece is going

Where to buy Alfa 4C in US

102shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInWe heard so many rumors about Alfa’s return to US in last couple of years, we lost the count, but 4C is most certainly going overseas. However, you won’t be able to buy 4C at

225shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInSince Alfa Romeo 4C came out many so called car enthusiasts took every chance they could to point out the drawbacks of this beautiful car. If you ask me they’re missing the purpose of this